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It is about time you found us. We have been waiting for you!  Please make yourself at home as we conjure up some memories for you about the “good ole days.”  Did you have an Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, or Grandpa who loved to share his or her memories?  Weren’t those times enjoyable as the past was connected to the present?  Have you ever gotten lost in a story, a movie, or even a song that took you back to a specific time, place, or person?  If so, you have found the right place for remembering.

However, if memories are all that you are looking for, this is NOT the right place for you.  What you will find here are real life anecdotes designed to show you that Blacks and Whites are quite similar but unique.  You will be challenged to put aside ignorance which causes preconceptions and stereotypes.  Don’t worry.  You will not be scolded or preached at.  In a subtle fashion, you will discover and remember what you already know in your heart. This site will allow you to put your life on pause and then cause you to be refreshed by your reflections on the “good ole days.” Perhaps this site will even help you improve your perception of racial issues in America.  Please enjoy.


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The story revolves around two people who lived during the same time, roughly 1950 through the present.  The setting is the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Now available on Amazon!

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Each blog article has open comments, why not jump in and tell us if you had a similar experience. Or maybe you’ve got a story of your own to share – we’ll be publishing guest posts soon! Get in touch.

We were guests on The Rock ‘n’ Turk Sports Show

What an honor for us to be asked to be guests with Rock and Turk this evening. What a great conversation about race relations in Detroit and around the world.  We chatted about growing up in Detroit and living through the race riots of the 1960's, how basketball...

Talking vs. Listening

The first time that I taught study skills to high school students, I was amazed to see that listening was listed as one of the most important skills to learn. I think it was the “to learn” part that intrigued me. The book that had been put out by the National...


Parents employ the discipline of giving a child a timeout when he/she needs to reflect upon and then correct the behavior that placed him/her in this isolation.   As I was watching sports lately, I became annoyed at all the timeouts that were taken not for teams to...

I Don’t Get It!  –  Mock Drafts

GUEST AUTHOR: FireHawk I ran into a guy about 30 years old recently who said he loved NFL mock drafts. Huh? Now he’s a nice kid who unfortunately doesn’t have a job so maybe he has time to read that gibberish. Mock Drafts – If you collected 100 of them, NONE would be...

Our Biggest Fear

Franklin Roosevelt said in his 1932 Inaugural Address as the Great Depression was crippling our country, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I am not sure how to interpret those eight words, but I am happy that the American people took them to heart and...

Black Lives Matter

"He ain’t nothin' but a ham!” To this day after some fifty-five years, I can still hear Albert Mashall’s father’s booming voice as he stood outside the fence at the St. Catherine softball diamond. Albert was a black teammate of mine. His father never missed a game...

Dee-troit Basketball!

UPDATE: The Detroit Pistons are moving back to downtown Detroit in 2017 but read all about my memories of them in the 60's and 70's. --- The crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills really gets into it when the announcer starts chanting “Dee-troit Basketball! Dee-troit...

Playing Under the Table and Dreaming

Dave Matthews, a prolific song writer and entertainer, had a smash song called "Ants Marching” in 1994. I was struck by his conjuring up of memories as a boy at his mother’s house. “And remembers being small, playing under the table and dreaming.”   This song,...